You need to be consistent to succeed in Forex

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You need to be consistent to succeed in Forex

To become successful in trading you need to be consistent at all times.



Consistency is the key to become a good forex trader.


My personal goal in trading is to have a $1,000,000 trading portfolio, and yours ?

Each month I am getting closer to be able to manage this and I’ve learned the most important things about trading and they are psychology and money management.


While trading the markets I’ve made money and lost money, as all traders did.


Financial freedom is what attracts us to trading the forex market and it really is achievable to anyone. 

Imagine how your life would change if you could generate thousands of dollars per month by trading on forex market.

For you as a trader it is important that you have and use good trading strategy and use good money management, your emotions is very important part as well, also consistency in how you trade is very important part of becoming good trader.


If you just think of a few things, for example from Monday to Thursday at the close of the European market I look at the charts and analyze them and I do that every week. That is consistency.

If you are consistent in your trading things will work out well for you.

You need to be consistent with the times that you trade, the time frame charts that you look at, the time of a day that you trade, the pairs that you like to watch and trade them, the technical setups or other important for you and included in your trading plan elements.

You need to be consistent in the way that you are managing your trades, your position sizing and the risk reward ratio, that type of consistency is a very important fact for your trading.

You also need to make sure you are controlling your emotions, your fear and greed.



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