What is the best paid to click website, my honest ClixSense review.

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What is the best paid to click website, my honest ClixSense review.

If you wonder what is the the best paid to click website you need to read my honest ClixSense review.

how to earn extra money online

there are various ways to earn money with ClixSense


ClixSense belongs to group of programs that is trusted and reliable and always paid profits on time.

!!! Please bear in mind that since I wrote this review, Clixsense has changed significantly and most of this review is not true anymore. !!! you can still make money here but now it is based on surveys mostly


If you are looking to earn extra cash online look no further.


We are living in the internet era where money is being redirected to online outlets and as a result of this, business websites like ClixSense are becoming more popular every day.


With ClixSense you will be able to make money various ways, after you read this review in full you will find about out all these ways.


Ways to earn money at ClixSense

There is several ways to earn money with ClixSense


Good money can be earned with ClixSense and big part of it can be a completely passive income but it’s not a get rich quick method and it should not be treated as such, it is  possible to have a steady stream of income from ClixSense.


You will often see that many other PTC sites claim you can make hundreds of dollars but very few of them are legit, so please be careful.


Among those legit PTC sites only few can offer good passive income, you can be sure that ClixSense is one of them.


ClixSense also have outside income sources like premium games.

ClixSense have outside income sources

They have ways to create income


These are the most often played games

Games that are played most

People love to play games at ClixSense


If you want to achieve financial freedom and be able to work from home full time then I recommend joining WA Academy of Entrepreneurs, to find out all details about it please click here.


Through programs like WA you will learn all you need to be able to create good websites and drive traffic to them. One of the websites you create could be about making money online where you could tell people about ClixSense to gain signups.



ClixSense Review

Name of program and its website: ClixSense

Price:  Free to join


ClixSense is a company that has been created in Feb 2007 by Steven Grisky who sold it three years later to Jim Grago.

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100




I highly recommend registering with ClixSense as it is free to join and can bring you very good income even if you never made any money on the internet.


Join today by clicking on the banner below




What is ClixSense?


ClixSense is a Paid-to-Click online service that is trusted and has been online for many years and is available to millions of people in hundreds of countries and everyone above the age 16.


With ClixSense you can earn money by viewing ads, taking surveys and doing simple tasks, offers or playing grid.


ways to earn money with clixsense

variable offers are available to members



On average you will be able to earn $0.05 daily for watching ads but it’s about $1 for members from top tier countries like Germany, UK or United States.


They will also provide you with the option to advertise your own blog, website or products for a very reasonable price.


People can buy advertisement here

Good option for those that want to buy advertising



Very often programs like ClixSense only allow members from US but at ClixSense they accept members from all over the world except few countries listed below.


  • Afghanistan
  • Albania
  • Antarctica
  • Azerbaijan
  • Cuba
  • Kazakhstan
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • North Korea
  • Niger
  • Vietnam


If you do not live in any of the countries mentioned above ClixSense will do business with you. 🙂 

Apart from the countries mentioned above it really doesn’t matter where you live, you will be allowed to join and start earning money today.

 I do not understand why they do not allow people from above mentioned countries to join but this is the rules here. If you have any questions at all down the line please visit the FAQ page where you will find answers to all questions you might have. 


With this service you will be able to earn money by completing surveys, viewing paid advertisement and few other options.

At ClixSense you will be paid from $0.001 to $0.002 for watching advertisement and for completing surveys from $0.1 to as much as $5, but this not everything, you will also be able to earn money various other ways, please read the whole review to find out what they are. This service is available to both beginners and advanced online earners. 


More details about making money with ClixSense


On average you will be able to earn $0.15 per day for PTC Ads and up to $20 for Paid Surveys.

Members from top tier countries have more surveys so they can earn more daily.


Earning money with ClixSense is very easy and even inexperienced people can do it from the comfort of their own homes.

By only viewing advertisement you will earn money, this is the easiest way. ClixSense members are also able to make money by completing surveys. Number of surveys available in certain countries will differ.


As watching ads will not make you much money you can move to surveys and other ways of making money with this great program like Clixgrid, read further down to find out more about it.



Ways to earn money with ClixSense


There is many ways to earn money with it, main method is by watching ads, you can earn about $5 a week by watching ads if you live in the UK, Canada, Australia or USA, in other countries it will be less.



One of the best ways to make money with ClixSense is participating in their referral program.


feref others and multiply your earnings

details of clixsense lucrative affiliate program


This is really lucrative and also very easy as you will be earning money from all adverts that your referrals watch, from the surveys that will take and complete and also from the advertisement that they will purchase and also when your referrals purchase an upgrade.



The more people you can refer to ClixSense the more passive income you will create. We are allowed to refer unlimited number of people and we should do it to increase the income from our down lines.


The affiliate program is build from 8 levels, you will be getting commissions from all of them provided you are an upgraded member ( premium member ).


This part of ClixSense is a favorite way for many members as it provides steady and passive income.

Lets have a look on top recruiters and how they perform.

Top recruiter has signed up over 21350 people in just over 3 years. You can imagine that his passive income is really high taking into account earnings from 8 levels down.


Despite it will not be easy it will pay you off in the long run so it’s well worth to put much efforts towards getting as many new people signed up as possible.



People are able to make serious income from this and it will be long term income for you once you build these levels of commissions from your referrals.


Once you refer a friend to ClixSense and he upgrades his membership to paid one for $17 you will get $2.

If your friend brings a friend and this person upgrades too then you will get $1 and this goes down to 8 levels.


I’m sure you see the potential here.



More about earnings from referring people to ClixSense.


earn money easily reffering others

One of the best ways to earn money from ClixSense


PTC Ad Clicks commissions
It’s not only your direct referrals that gets paid for every ad they click on but also you will be paid from their clicks!

Sweet and it means that the more active referrals you have the more money you will earn from their activities.


Referral Signup
Yet another great way to earn more commissions.

Once your referral reaches $10 in earnings from doing Tasks, Offers, Surveys or clicking on ads (PTC clicks) you will receive $1 in commissions.

And if you’re an upgraded to premium member and your referral reach $5 in earnings you will be given $2 profit!

It really is worth to be a Premium member here.


Tasks, Offers and Surveys

You will also be earning from every offer, task, and survey that your referral will complete.

Standard members are paid 5% commissions and premium members are paid 10% commissions. It all ads up.


Advertising Sales

If anyone from your referrals decide to purchase advertisement you will get commission and you’ll be paid a percentage from the purchase of regular Ad credits.




On the below picture you can see my own direct referrals and my welcome message to them that you too should place in the designated place on your account.


always build your downlines in clixsense

my downline size and personal message to referrals



Let me mention few ways to get referrals to sign up under you. To get lots of direct referrals to sign up you have various tools available to use, below I’ll mention few of them.



One of the most popular ways of acquiring referrals is through advertising ClixSense on your own Facebook page.


One of the ways to learn how to get lots of traffic to your offer is to learn affiliate marketing to be able to grasp the whole concept of delivering traffic to your offers, sites and blogs.

You can have a dedicated blog that will promote programs like ClixSense.


  Lots of free traffic can be delivered to your ClixSense affiliate link by using traffic exchange sites like EasyHits4U or even PandaBot.net site.

You also can start aquiring referrals with paid for advertisement using various programs that can deliver traffic to your chosen offers, like this one for example, where not only you can get traffic to your affiliate link but also earn from it, but there also is many methods available that you can get lots of traffic for free, for example get people to sign up


register today to get lots of free traffic to your chosen site


When working with ClixSense it is very important that you always strive to get new direct referrals to sign up as this is the way you create totally passive income.


Next way to make money with Clixsense is ClixGrid


This way is very similar to PTC ad clicks but here you need to click the ads in the grid and then view them for 10 seconds, very simple and effective way.

You are going to be in a chance  to win up to $10 but you will not be paid for watching this ad.

People are winning money from Clixgrid everyday, these winnings are from $0.10 up to $10, there is lots of $1 and $5 wins daily but the jackpot of $10 is only for one person a day. You can be the lucky one next time to win this jackpot. 🙂 

There is no reason to not try. I wish you good luck with Clixgrid. 

clixgrid,way to earn money with clixsense

people can win up to $10 with clixgrid




















Next way to make money with Clixsense is ClixSense Research

This is a separate website:



another way to earn money with ClixSense

This is a seperate website that belongs to ClixSense




Next way to make money with Clixsense is tasks


While doing tasks is very time consuming exercise it will allow you to earn more than you would viewing ads. Comparing to earnings from viewing ads with tasks you will be able to double or even triple the income. While ads are always available for task you have to wait to appear and you should do them straight away when they are available. Tasks value depends on their difficulty level and for those that are only starting they are at level 0 but levels go up as you complete more tasks. At higher levels tasks pay more money but will be harder to do.



Next way to make money with Clixsense is ClixOffers


ClixOffers are very similar to tasks.

You will be required to complete the offer provided, you will be given instructions, once offer is completed it needs to be submitted for confirmation and a review. You will not get paid instantly, offer is only verified and approved when the task has been done correctly.

There are various amounts being paid for various offers that you complete. Some properly completed offers will pay you $0.15 and others can pay only $0.03

ClixOffers are not always available, you need to take them as they show up as they will disappear.


Next way to make money with Clixsense is Surveys


Because ClixSense has partnered with various survey panels like YourSurveys, Toluna or OpinionWorld they are now offering us the option to fill in these surveys. Depending on where you live you will be given more or less surveys. I live in UK at the moment and I get lot more surveys to do than people in Eastern Europe countries do. If you live in the UK you might be able to earn $30 from surveys weekly. To never miss survey simply install ClixSense add on that is available for several browsers and will always let you know on time about new available to you task or survey.


very useful ClixSense addon for your browser

Use this addon to never miss a task or survey






As with any other programs online there are some drawbacks and I’ll tell you now about it.


  • When watching ads presented at ClixSense you need to be very careful and do your due diligence before joining any of the presented opportunities and be really careful with them as there is lot of ‘work at home’ offers that might not be genuine.
  • With Clixsense there is many ways to make money, there are things like radio listening, Token ads, Super rewards, Matomy wall, Supersonic ads, completing offers and tasks, and few more. I do not participate myself in most of them as they are not very profitable for me, it might work better for you and that depends on the kind of profit you are expecting to earn from it.
  • When working with surveys you are not guaranteed that you will be able to complete it and always avoid these that ask you for your credit card information.
  • With ClixSense big part of earnings comes from people you refer so if you cannot bring new people on board continually you will be earning less money. I do prefer to earn money passively myself so I always put efforts to get people to join from my affiliate link so I can enjoy this money coming even when I’m not doing anything.
  • For people from outside top tier countries, ie non-US members and all those who are not in a top tier countries income from watching ads  will be really slow and without enough direct referrals will oscillate in the range of $1- $3 per month.
  • For people from outside top tier countries there will be often times when surveys and tasks are not available or hard to find, another thing is that surveys have preliminary questions to filter who’s eligible and who’s not and it means that you can be disqualified while doing these questions or even when doing the survey, this has happened to me several times.
  • It can take several days before you will be paid for doing some of the surveys, this is due to verification processes.
  • ClixSense does not have instant payments. At ClixSense they are not processing cashout requests every day but members are allowed to choose their preferred payment method and request money at any time.
  • Some people might feel that payment threshold is a bit high compared to other PTC sites and at the moment it’s required to have minimum balance of $6 for premium members and $8 for standard members. This can mean to you that yo’ll not accomplish it in a month and feel discouraged to keep watching the ads and do the surveys.



Signup for ClixSense today for FREE and start earning money the easy way, it really is that simple!



I strongly recommend upgrading your membership to premium membership.


I’ll be worth it as premium members are allowed to view more ads per day while free members are limited to just a few ads per day, but with upgraded premium membership you will be able to watch many many more.

Also very important benefit that comes with premium membership is that it will increase the amount of money you are being paid for your referrals from $0.01 to $0.10 and will also  allow you to receive a bonus of $2.00 if one of your referrals becomes a premium member.


So these are really big benefits that will allow you to make lot more money. 


The cost of upgrading to PREMIUM status is $17 US and is valid for 1 year from the date of upgrade. They also offer a 2 year Premium upgrade for $30.



 You can find tons of proof that ClixSense does pay its users and there is many ways to get your earnings out.

I’m personally making good income from ClixSense and I receive payments from them frequently since I joined back in December 2011.

You will be able to withdraw money using various methods


withdraw money easily using several ways

Members have available many ways to withdraw earnings


various cashout options are available

cashout options and conditions

  • Payoneer
  • PayToo
  • Tango Card
  • Payza
  • Check ( USA and Canada only )
  • Skrill

For cashout details refer to table shown in the above picture.

Minimum amount to cashout is shown in the image below

what is the minimum to cashout

find out what is the minimum that you can cashout






See below image for list of my cashouts

List of my received payments

ClixSense had always paid me on time

and here is my total earnings since I started as of writing this post which is February 2017

payouts $346.16  

As you can see ClixSense.com is certainly not scam!


They have never missed to pay a single member for the past 10 years and their business keeps growing and is far from closing down.


They also have huge number of customers that buy advertisement from them and they do generate good profits from it so it’s very stable business that has many thousands of happy members and every day more new people are signing up.


I always try to login daily and click some ads but in the rare case I become inactive for some time I receive an email from ClixSense telling me they are missing me. How nice 🙂


You too can join today and start earning money and tell your friends and family about it and you would not regret but remember that best results come with time unless you are master at referring others to money making opportunity.

Ok, ClixSense is not perfect but you will not find many complaints against them compared to their competitors.


I believe that ClixSense have very good credibility, they never scammed anyone and they never had an issue with paying. On top of all that they are the only PTC site that operates 8 level affiliate program which can be a good source of income for us all.


For me, ClixSense is fully legit and is not not waste of time.



Click here to read many people success stories.


Please tel me how did your own ClixSense journey started and share your success story with other BaMC and BAT readers and if you are joining today come back to this post in few days and use comments section available below the post to let us know how you like it.


Please share this post using social share buttons available below, thank you.

Best of luck !



Believe in yourself!

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