What is post checklist and why you should use one

///What is post checklist and why you should use one

What is post checklist and why you should use one

How to Create the perfect blog post.

creating the perfect blog post

Checklists are very powerful tool and you should use one to create your next ultimate blog post.

Checklist have the power to save you lots of time and confusion by reminding the most important things we need to follow when constructing our next perfect blog post.

  What is post  checklist and why you should have one in place

  • When it comes to creating perfect blog post many things has to be checked to make sure the new post meets all the criteria to become great post. Not all things will apply to all posts but you’ll get the idea what to look for before you click to make your new post live.
  • At the beginning you might not write very well but practicing will help you to sharpen this skill.
  • You will get better at writing posts practicing writing consistently and when you will learn from the best writers. This is very important for people who are only starting to create their new writing habit.

Below is my own post checklist that I use when I check new post for correctness

—  Make sure that your audience will like what you are going to come up with by conducting content research before you post. Watch this video to learn how to conduct market research. 


conducting content research is very important

 Know who are you writing for. 

—  Research for the right keywords using WA keyword tool. Find out more from this tutorial and read this post.

—  The first thing we want to do is write a killer title, it has to be eye catching and attention grabbing and this is something you have to learn first as this is fundamental. 

—  Make sure keyword phrase is unique and has not been used before.

—  You would want to use writing formulas to make sure that the content is engaging.

—  While writing use black fonts on white background and stick to one type of font.

—  Start with writing captivating intro, this is also known as catchy first paragraph and it actually is your post meta description. Meta description is the snippet of what the whole post essence is.

—  Your posts will sound formal and create good relationship with reader when you use ‘I’, ‘We’ and ‘You’ in the text.

—  Use figures of speech correctly, they will clarify your information, freshen and emphasize content.

—  Use simple language and small paragraphs, always avoid words like ‘basically’ or ‘generally’. Go straight to the point in three to five short sentences and avoid using jargon words. Additionally content has to be organized with  forms like: lists, sections or tips.  

—  Use headings and subheadings properly. H1 for the title, H2 for the keyword and H3 – H6 for subheadings.

—  Check if your keyword appears in subheading H2.

—  Create catchy, related and memorable headlines. Using these tools will make it really simple.

—  Make sure first image is above the fold so visitors will see it first, there are free WP plugins available that can do it for you, please find one that you want to use through Google.

—  Create own images to enhance value of content, always add to them alt description and include keywords in image name.

—  Check post hyper link on top of the post ( post name ) for spelling mistakes and if its length is more than 39 and less than 71 characters.


always optimize all images

—  Check post featured image is correct format and size,

( image optimization ).

Use one of these sites to optimize images before you upload them into WordPress:

relevant images


—  Make sure all images are relevant. 

—  Track clicks on links by using Pretty Link plugin. (— tool #2)

—  Add Affiliate Disclaimer Statement in the form of picture or text to all posts with affiliate links.

—  In every post include at least 3 outbound links to reputable resources.

—  After new post is live check your site metrics to find out authority level using this free tool.

—  Use between 1 and 3  tags for every post.

—  Because Google loves graphs you should create one for your new post. Once you have written several good reviews you can then show comparison of these on the graphs.

—  Make sure subtitles are appealing as people often do quick screening of page and you have to make them interested to read further.

—  Focus on building well converting content, this post will help you understand better how.

             You will gain authority in writing by doing this

      • Developing your own writing schedule.
      • Producing original work.
      • Improving your vocabulary.
      • Writing as much as you can.

 Improve your writing by learning from this post.

—  It is advisable that you create your own video and add it to the post. You can drive lots of traffic to your blog from your own YouTube channel. You can also embed a relevant YouTube video which will help as well.

—  Once you have finished writing your new post give it a slow read. Check all content to ensure you’ve followed all rules for new posts and that you have not left anything out, and also that everything is accurate.

—  Check all sources, like links to other sites and internal links are working and opening in the new window. Also check for any issues with links.

 Add Google-related synonyms for your content to rank well in search.

—  Make sure that you have placed several appropriate internal links.

—  Add bullet points to increase readability.

—  Check if keyword phrase has been used 1 time in every 150 words and keyword density is about 7 times in 915 words.

—  Check if keyword appears on the beginning of the first paragraph.

—  Make sure your keyword appears in the URL for your new post.

—  Always include call to action, preferably at the end of the post and make sure it stands out. Examples: read more, click here, please share.

—  Make sure your new post is at least 300 words which is recommended minimum.

—  Now you’re at the end of your post and you need to use a powerful words to end your post.

—  Now it’s time to proofread your post, and fix your formatting.

—  There is great tool available at Wealthy Affiliate that offers receiving post comments and you need to use it now. This will help to get better rankings from Google for your new post.

—  Copy whole post content to Google docs.

—  Reach out to influence’s to promote your content.

—  Please give credit to pictures and research sources that you use.

—  Your new post needs to convert well, learn from here how to write better converting posts.

—  Check all tags and categories are right for your new post.

—  Copy whole post and check its content for spelling mistakes with Grammarly.

—  Submit articles to  ezinearticles.com, articlebase.com, articlealley.com ,isnare.com, streetarticles.com

—  Submit post to Flipboard.

—  Submit your post to Google and Bing search engines.

— Submit your new post to digg.

—  Once your new post is published share it on every social media that you have an account with.

—  To get the best pieces of content you can also hire freelancers or order articles from here.



Now that you know how does the perfect post look like get back to work and start writing your new post and enjoy writing. Such perfect post could take even few days to write but it will be well worth it,  as you gain confidence as writer you will get better with every post.

Once you have created your new perfect post come back here and tell us about it! I’m looking forward to read it and you will gain backlink by bringing it here too 🙂


I’m sure you can do well having all knowledge from this article. People often pay to get eBooks with all what is contained in this post and I did pay for eBook like that myself, but here all this information is for you completely free of charge. Enjoy!


Leave comments below and share this post with people that you think might be of interest to them or simply use social share buttons present below.

Are you ready to start writing your new perfect post now?


Thanks for reading.


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