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Opportunity is ahead of us, Vizionary review

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With Vizionary the opportunity is ahead of us


welcome Vizionary

welcome to Vizionary

Welcome to my Vizionary review.

Vizionary Review

Name: Vizionary

Website: https://www.vizionary.com/

Price:  Various packages are available

Owners: The Company was founded by Andy Morbitzer who is CEO, and Ladislav Pasztor, Co-Founder, other members of management are Frode Berg, the Founder and CEO and Jasper Bentzen.

Overall Rank: 79 out of 100



It is about the financial future and how you can get involved.


When it all started there was no local or mobile wallet and Capricoin was not listed on the external exchange, also there was no loyalty program and there was no opportunity to earn passive income.  Later all of these things have emerged and Vizionary has delivered on its promises.
The important thing to mention is that their main product, Capricoin is designed to appreciate in value.

You will have multiple streams of income, five of them does not even require you to refer other people. It is a business where building new economy is a top priority, it is new Capricoin economy.


Vizionary’s mission
is to create global
user base for
Capricoin and make
Capricoin most
respected cryptocurrency.



There is no doubt that the world is changing and we are moving from the information age into the electronic age.


Mobile apps are making big impact on us and the whole industry is starting to change. The Internet has changed the way we communicate, has revolutionized the social media. We are now facing the revolution in the financial and currency system. The monetary system is the largest global market in the world and is worth $90 Trillion.

an introduction

an introduction to Vizionary, Capricoin and CapriPay



The banks and monetary system are centrally controlled and they can be abused.

Cryptocurrencies are changing the way we exchange goods and services and at the same time they are also creating an alternative to the monetary system. It is creating the decentralization of money. They represent a digital value of money. We all know what digital money is, we all dealing with credit cards for example. So Cryptocurrency is a different form of digital money. So what really is a Cryptocurrency?

It is an electronic means of payments, means of storing and transferring currency from one person to another.



Crypto actually mean secret so really we are talking about secret money. All these transactions are encrypted and secure, this is a person to person and it takes away the third party and is also known as pier to pier. These transactions are also known as medium of exchanged or exchange system. Value of it is regulated by supply and demand, as supply is limited the demand will tend to increase. It is not consistently regulated as in one country it is regulated as commodity and in other one as currency but that is likely to change. Cryptocurrency will do to the bank what email has done to postal service.  There are lower costs, faster service, it is decentralized which is making it more reliable and it is also more private.



We are facing economic crisis, banks will continue to close and countries will go bankrupt, people will lose their life savings.



This has happened before and it is going to happen again.  In recent history we have seen Iceland going bankrupt. In Cyprus lots of peoples private money got confiscated by banks, just for having the money in the bank.  Argentina went bankrupt where people have seen the prices doubled overnight. Greece is another one who implemented capital controls. Zimbabwe just had hyper inflation.

Modern slaves are in debt, people do not work for passion but they work for income. This is why you should consider investing in smart money solutions. 


Now let me talk about the Capricoin.


It is a new digital global currency, and it currency that will have attention and attraction in the Cryptocurrency world. There is going to be many different Crypto currencies and Capricoin is just a unique brand. They have the technology and the marketing plan to take it to the global mainstream market. They have their own blockchain technology and own market value on the external exchange and it is independent from Vizionary and it is determined by supply and demand for Capricoin. Cryptocurrency is just a language that expresses value and it expresses value in order to exchange things of value.

introducing Capricoin

introducing Capricoin


Vizionary brought Capricoin to the market in 2015.


The first coins were allocated in 16 Mar 2015 where 174 coins were allocated per mining slot. That has declined since that time and at the moment it is being run at 10 – 20 coins per slot. As the business grows and it gets more popular the number of coins per slot will diminish. There is only 200 million Capricoins which will be allocated over the next 10 years and 8 million Capricoins in addition to reward people for verifying transactions, so there will be one wallet that will receive a coin for the transaction. Capricoin is listed on two Cryptocurrency exchanges since July 2015, which are Bittrex and Bleutrade. Capricoin is this type of coin that is dual hybrid coin which is determined with Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. An example of Proof of stake is a confirmation that generates rewards for verifying the transaction. When the wallet is left open this is when the reward is being generated.

Another technology that has been launched is the mobile application and within this application we can send and receive money in any of the currencies and they can get converted immediately from Dollars to Rands or Euro, etc.


Capricoin gives power back to people and it eliminates the abuse of power. It also gives us low transaction costs, very fast transaction, no charge backs, it is exchangeable to fiat currencies and it is decentralized currency which meant it is outside of the central control, it is inflation proof because it has fixed money supply unlike the fiat currency which is prone to quantitative easing when the currency can be printed very easy out of fresh air.


Capricoin is also a coin that is designed to appreciate in value.
If you had a coin that appreciates in value so that every year you can buy more for your coins than you did a year before, that is a negative inflation and an appreciating asset.

Capricoin is available to purchase at external official exchanges


and here


and here



watch videos here to find out how to sell your Capricoin.


And in this video I’m showing you how to transfer Capricoin from Vizionary wallet to Capripay wallet.


The blockchain can be found here




Now, I would like to touch about differences between Bitcoin and Capricoin.


Bitcoin had no strategy to bring it to the market, it was anonymous whereas Capricoin has a formal marketing strategy through Vizionary and their advertising.

Bitcoin has money and verification costs increasing which is estimated to be over 40 millions dollars per month and with Capricoin the resources used will never increase because we don’t use the money to verify the cost of transaction but we use E-wallets to verify those transactions.

Bitcoin had no collective effort whereas Capricoin has a Global effort via network. With Bitcoin verification takes time and with Capricoin the verification is instant for global transactions.

Bitcoin is clumsy to convert to local fiat currency because it takes a little bit of effort and time whereas with Capricoin we have instant conversion via our mobile application into any fiat currency in the world.

Bitcoin is volatile and seen as an investment whereas Capricoin is designed as a transaction currency for every day use and is designed to appreciate in value and not to be volatile.





In the management we have.


Tahir Ali who is CEO of Topsites, software development company and he is in charge of the development of our IT solutions and the Capricoin software. Andy Morbitzer is the president and master distributor and he is very involved in assisting the members development in the business. Jasper Bentzen is the network strategic adviser and giving tremendous support in developing the business. Frode Berg is the Founder and CEO in the Vizionary. Ladislav Pasztor is the Co-Founder. All of them got significant experience both in business and in the network marketing industry.

Mining packages in Vizionary are starting from 97 Euro for Bronze level with 3 mining slots and going up to 5997 Euro for the Vizionary level with 500 mining slots. As for the compensation plans you will get 10% from the direct sales commission of which 70% you can take in cash and 30%  Mining Time.

mining packages

mining packages


The binary commission is between 50 and 80 Euro per 500 CV and is paid out on the weekly basis with  high cap of 32000 Euro per week. That is the maximum that you can earn on the binary. And then is matching bonus that can paid on infinite levels as you build your business.

This is how much you earn for bringing an Associate on board the business

Bronze Affiliate   9.70 EUR

Silver Affiliate   29.70 EUR

Gold Affiliate   89.70 EUR

Platinum Affiliate   289.70 EUR

to see the full details of Vizionary Compensation Plan please visit this page



There is a fully automated mining and Vizionary does all the mining for you.


You set your slots 10 weeks in advance and that saves you time and also saves you significantly money. You get your Capricoins from the weekly mining pool. You now have the opportunity to load your Capricoins into your eWallet before they  become a mainstream currency and appreciate in value. There are some very valuable resources where you can get more information about the whole concept and these are:






desktop Wallet

desktop Wallet

Time to move onto the eWallet.

Introducing the first Cryptocurrency payment solution with an integrated loyalty program – Capripay.



A mobile digital eWallet.


This is totally independent of Vizionary and is a separate system but it operates to promote the use of Capricoin within the economy. Capripay is fast, secure and very easy payment solution. Capricoin is a crypto currency whereas CapriPay is an online wallet with app and Merchant Cashback. CapriPay is the first Crypto currency payment solution with an integrated Cashback using a globally respected Crypto currency.

mobile application e27658198772



CapriPay platform is designed to empower CapriPay Merchants and to help them to develop their businesses.



with capripay 62b5383c33


Within it is the reward program that attracts the customers.



The advantage here is that there are no transaction fees as it is a free payment solution with cashback, the benefits to customers is they will receive benefits at every purchase, the customer loyalty program will notify 5 people of every transaction that has been completed and this will help your business grow. You are able to see your customers information about new products and special offers and this will help your business grow internationally.

capricoin and capripay

capricoin and capripay

In this model we are looking at bringing in the merchants and there is an affiliate fee for two levels, for bringing the merchant and also the same for the customer side. If you bring a customer or a consumer you will be rewarded for two levels. This is an independent affiliate program from the Vizionary binary system. For every purchase five people will receive benefits.

business model

business model



CapriPay cashback is going to be paid to you instantly in Capricoin into your eWallet.



The purchase might be conducted in fiat currency but the cashback is being paid at Capricoin and by this Capricoin is being injected back into the economy. Within the CapriPay app you can look up the merchants the merchants that are on board and find it on the map in the region where you are. Cashback reward program is a structure based on a customer purchasing from a merchant and if a customer is spending 100 Euro and a merchant is giving 10% cashback, 75% of that cashback will go back to the customer in Capricoin, the person who introduced that customer will also get 5% in Capricoins and the person who introduced that person would also get 5% in Capricoin. On the other side, the person who introduced the merchant will get 5% in Capricoins and the person who introduced that person would also get 5%.

cashback loyalty

cashback loyalty

In addition to that you would receive one CV in the Vizionary binary structure for every 75 Euro sale. In this system 100% of the cashback is returned to network. In this year, until the end off the year there is very special cashback launch program where the actual number of CV generated will be 5 times more. If you would spend 100 Euros you would generate 50 CV. In addition to that the affiliate cashback is doubled, instead of 5%, both the affiliate on the customer site and the Merchant site will get 10%. Until the end of 2016 a 115% of the cashback is going to be returned to the merchant, so that is exceptionally great offer to the people.

become a user

become a user

If a customer goes into a merchant and wishes to buy with a FIAT currency they can do so, they can then download the app in the shop scan the Merchant IQ code and that person is automatically linked to that Merchant and they would receive the cashback immediately for that purchase.

The similar option would be if the person in the shop does not have time they could their email address in the shop and the shop would send down the link and the instructions and as soon as that person downloaded the Capripay Wallet their cashback in Capricoins would be allocated for this purchase that they already done in the shop.

These are Capripay logos that the customer would see at the Merchant point.

CapriPay logos

CapriPay logos



To wrap it up I will look into what Vizionary, Capricoin and CapriPay is about



Vizionary is the mining and marketing arm for Capricoin which is the currency with no borders, it is the currency that can be sent anywhere in the world instantaneously, anytime at it is received instantly.

Capripay is the Wallet and a payment system with an integrated loyalty program offering cashback in CPC ( Capricoin )

And this is how it all falls together, we have the system which generates Capricoin through the mining operation and also generates the business builders through the marketing arm, we have the Capricoin which is currency and we have the Capripay which is the Wallet with the loyalty program solution and we using the latest technology of mobile apps to generate a business.

I would like to say that you need to position yourself ahead of the digital revolution of the Bitcoin wave and we now seeing the next wave which is a tsunami so don’t miss that next wave, be on it, be ahead of it and keep at it at all times.

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And as always, if you have any questions at all, please write them below, I will be glad to help you.

I would also love to hear your thoughts and opinions about Vizionary, Capricoin and CapriPay.


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Believe in yourself!









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  1. Nick July 29, 2017 at 8:25 PM - Reply

    I know bitcoin was the wave of the future for awhile, for people that invested in bitcoin they have had an amazing return. This is my first time ever hearing of Capricoin but I will begin conducting my own due diligence on it. I think for investors that are looking for another opportunity like bitcoin, Capricoin is definitely something they should look into.

    • Marek July 30, 2017 at 9:52 PM - Reply

      It’s one of the coins that is worth your interest, coin with a steady price and possibly very good future. With this project there also is many ways to earn money, not only on the Capricoin itself. 

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