Never limit yourself in Love and Money

//Never limit yourself in Love and Money

Never limit yourself in Love and Money

You should never limit yourself in Love and Money

It’s good to have less work to do in life and it’s good to have less200204-omag-love-measure-600x411

physical objects but it’s not good to have less money. 

By earning small money you are accepting the fact that you are earning it for yourself, there might not be enough to share with others.

Now it’s the time for you to become rich!

For this to happen you need to start thinking differently, you need to acknowledge that money is important in your life.

If you do want to start making more money you need to start treating money differently, you need to start treating them with respect.   You also need to convince yourself, your brain and your heart that money is good.

There is really nothing wrong with having more money.


Love it with real love, healthy love, not obsessed love or exaggerated love and not with shy or modest love. You also need to become passionate about slow but efficient changes as they are going to accumulate into the fast route to success.   

By doing these things you will start feeling financial calm which you might have been feeling last time when you were a child. In the world that so many does not want to change you need to become a different person.

Every day we are living in the world with mixture of emotions and logic.



You need to get rid of the old way of thinking about money and start thinking about them the new way.

Make it the way that you can earn more so you can have more money that you love and this will give you more time for your family for your passions and wonderful happy life.

Think about it, how not to fall in love with something that will improve your own and your family lives, gives you easier option to care for your life, for your health, it will help you with bringing up your children and will allow you to make things that you could not do when you don’t have enough time or money.  Start setting up your financial goals, think in detail why do you need all this money for.

It is important need to care for the harmony between your private life and money making life.  



When you start doing it you will have the right motivation. I can guarantee you that the person who wants to earn million $ per month because he wants to be rich will be much less motivated to every day work than someone who want to be earning $10000 a month because he wants to be going on holidays with his family every couple of months, send kids to good school, save $2000 a month to be able to buy 5 flats for rent in the future.

These are essential strong goals that will give you enough power to pursue them on a daily basis and it is all down to you to follow your goals. If you know exactly what are you needing this money for this is the best as only then you will know exactly how much you want this certain thing and you will do everything possible in your power to get it.  

You need to stay inspired to keep going. 



What is wealth ?

Wealth is to have and to make this much money which you have planned you are going to have and it is going to be enough to fulfill your needs and make your dreams come true.


So if you are earning $5000 a month and you decided that this much money is enough for you to have the life from your dream then this is wealth.

So it is about realizing your dreams, your needs and your targets.

What I want to teach you here is this: You see there is people that do know how to earn nice sums of money but they cannot keep them and multiply them for example there is many people that are making hell of a lot of money like actors but their bank accounts are not really having so much surplus at all.

The way to become rich is always two sides of the coin, one is to earn more money and the other one is to spend less money.

You to can start creating better income for yourself but decide first why are you needing it for. 

Please tell all BaMC and BAT readers about your own definition of wealth and write about your personal experience and your motivational goals.


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Believe in yourself!

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