Little update on Capricoin

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Little update on Capricoin

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Lets have a little talk today about the cryptocurrency called Capricoin



With this way of holding, your money is stored on your phone or your local wallet which is a program installed on your computer, people are able to use Capripay to pay for goods and services and companies can participate in this form of payments being rewarded with cashback offer. It makes it very attractive as it’s completely new way of rewarding merchants for using this cryptocurrency.

Currency wallet

personal wallet

This is another completely separate solution for you to help you make even more money, it is a two tier program that will pay you from two people that are exchanging money or using Capripay solution. You are going to see more and more of Capripay sign where you will be able to use this payment method.

People that are accumulating these coins are in a chance to become real millionaires.

 Now is the time to get in, at current very low prices.

You should really consider taking the opportunity while the prices are that low. For a couple of hundreds of dollars you can get in on the silver level, this is something that we are not going to have many opportunities like this one.





This is brand new industry, think about the internet like 10 years ago and then social media comes, you need to  understands the potential of this.

You got to think big, this is long term plan and it might be your last thing that you will be doing when it comes to internet marketing or MLM.

It also is very important who is behind this all and there are people that can be trusted, they are thinking so much ahead and are taking massive leap forward and are almost unstoppable.

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nature, people, stars


There will be lot of training provided to you, you do not need to worry if this industry is new to you.

It will take a while to close the gap and once you know more about it you will understand that this is so big. It will become exciting for you to see other people getting excited with this fantastic opportunity.

You do need to take the responsibility for your own future.

The chances of success here are really high. You only need to buy coins in order to be able to profit from this company and by buying capricoin you can make money on total autopilot.

It is going to become your financial insurance company and it will hopefully become your primary focus.

There are various packages available, the cheapest one for €47.00 will not give you any mining slots and with all packages there is no monthly fees. With this basic package you will get the full education.


The mission of this company is to create 100 millionaires in 2016.


Thank you for your time, hopefully you are excited now and notice how much there is in it for you.


You can also buy these coins on the exchange if you would not prefer to participate in Vizionary but to be fully educated choose the package that you can afford and you will not regret.


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