Learn All About Betting To PeerPlays

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Learn All About Betting To PeerPlays

 Where else you have profit sharing implemented in blockchain?


For everyone who hasn’t yet heard about PeerPlays, it is time to find out what exactly you can do through this platform. This is the first peer-to-peer betting community built in a live blockchain. This unique platform results to an online gambling that users from all over the world can access and use. Everyone can join this community, engage into gambling and even better, get his hands into some ‘PPY’ tokens that will enable you to receive a small portion of all online bets automatically.


Made with the art of cryptocurrencies in mind, this is the best and most efficient betting platform ever made. This way you can still enjoy your gambling experience while get a daily profit out of the worldwide gambling of other users as well.



Why Getting Your Own ‘PPY’ Tokens?


This is a rather easy question to address. All ‘PPY’ holders will be able to receive commission as well as fees that PeerPlays has generated throughout the betting process. Where else you have profit sharing implemented in blockchain? These amazing ways to share profits are only available to PeerPlays.



What Exactly Is A Witness?


Witness is called a node operator that is able to validate transactions and support the network. Without proper witness, there is no PeerPlays since they are definitely the equivalent of miners in Bitcoin. This is a full-time job since it is planned that there will be at least 20 witnesses and could be up to 50.



Things You Should Know About PeerPlays


This blockchain team has managed to launch a crowdfunding that reached $500.000 in bitcoin. The software will be released for the very first chain system. If you want to check it out and learn all about it, you can use the public test that this betting platform launches in order to see in real-time this amusing game.



How Will You Earn Money


This whole system is based on cryptocurrencies which emerge from a well-structured strategy. While enjoying your favourite games, you will also have the opportunity, assuming you own some tokens to earn a significant amount of money. Do you want to know how will you achieve this?


Users from all over the world are placing their bets online. Then Dapps are used in order to place some products and ads into the platform. The betting procedure takes place in the blockchain, and all PPY holders are then able to receive all the additional commissions and fees, issued by PeerPlays.



Try PeerPlays Out


Don’t be on the losing side of the gamer. Instead, take place in this online platform and benefit from its strategics and advantages. Play your online games and receive an important commission back, for every PPY token that you have already bought. There is no other way that can produce such a significant profit, while you are doing basically nothing.



PeerPlays is here to change the world of online betting and introduce you to a whole new era.



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  1. Carlos June 15, 2017 at 3:49 AM - Reply

    Hi Marek,

    If I understood right your review, with PeerPlay platform you can bet online and at the same time get commissions from other people bets?
    Isn’t it too good to be true?
    Is this platform some kind of MLM?
    I’m not saying this smells like a scam, just asking questions that can help me (and probably other people who read this post) to understand exactly how this platform works.


    • Marek June 18, 2017 at 9:31 AM - Reply

      Hi Charlie, yes, this is going to work exactly like that, once you will own PPY tokens you will then be getting  commissions from other people bets.  This is completely new concept and has never been done before.  Peerplays is not an MLM.


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