Inspire yourself

//Inspire yourself

Inspire yourself

Get yourself inspired 

I will start today with the word luck

the best is yet to come

the best is yet to come

I think that the harder you work the luckier you get but I was not lucky to be born in a wealthy family.
All we learn in life can become very helpful for us to change our lives for better.
I think you will all agree with me on that point.



People are looking for Residual Income every day.



These people are called Residual Income Seekers.

Office Workers are looking for better opportunities to change their lives for better, we can call them Advancement seekers.

Retired individuals want to improve the quality of their lives.

All these people have one thing in common, they all want to have better lives. For every of them we can say they need to start with something but what should they start with and how? The answer is simple really, what they all need is to start with giving themselves concrete and measurable goals that they will keep their eyes on.

patience 1601338_10153345036140995_944284688895141827_n

be patient

All these people might have come to the stage when they want to quit their job.

They were looking for ways to supplement their income or even more aggressively the way they could replace their income completely. Thankfully there is sources on the internet that can help tremendously to achieve freedom. I wrote this extensive WA review about one of these sites, site that many have learned from how to become financially free.




But it is not only the tools that you need to succeed



You can be given all the tools and exercises that you need but if you do not have the motivation, you do not have the commitment and the drive to do it you never going to do it and this is guaranteed. For example you can be given the perfect program to become rich but if you are lazy you are never going to use it to your advantage.

So what do you need to do is to push the wishful thinking to the side and start taking action, start doing the self improvement today.

You need to change your mind before you change anything.

You can learn for free from Google or various other sources but mindset is a huge part of what successful people are working on a frequent basis. It is a fact that most people in the job are terribly unhappy. But imagine to be in the job that makes you fulfilled, every day you will feel a sense of achievement. Most people do need to learn how to be happy or how to achieve financial freedom, this all can be learned with time, persistence and motivation.

Real happiness is to be able to do whatever you want and whenever you want, that is what I will call a real success.



So it isn’t about money only, it also is about how you can improve yourself, how you can become better at what you doing.


Most people do need to go to work just to be able to live really and that is what some of them would call a success to a degree. It is not about having a fifty million dollars, it is about the life style, you can live incredible life style with literally a couple of hundreds of dollars a day but the thing is that this money will have to be passive income.

So you need your job to be able to go for vacation once a year so in the end of a day if you do not have the way to make passive money, if you do not make any money while you sleep then you have to at some stage go back to work and this is not ideal, this is not the way that you want to live.

My job on BaMC and BAT blog is to make sure  that you understand that achieving internet prosperity is possible for everyone, but remember one thing, there are many stories about people that are billionaires or millionaires but they are completely unfulfilled and that it might be devastating for them even causing them to commit suicides.

Imagine achieving some level of success in your life which does not make you happy in the end and that this kind of a bad thing that can happen to you because there is not anymore that thing you will be looking forward to. You do need to be on the ball and keeping to set yourself next target and then the next target, set them small so you will see how quickly you will start achieving them, this will prevent you from becoming stagnant.  Always remember that you need to be enjoying the present life and enjoy what you already have.


Examples of things you need to find out more about to motivate yourself are as below.


  • what are the rules to creating wealth
  • what all millionaires have in common
  • identifying and eliminating things that might be preventing you from success
  • rules that will help in creating wealth
  • finding the right income streams for higher income


I hope you enjoyed reading this motivation and are ready to leave comments and feedback, please do so below.


Thank you for reading, all the best.

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Believe in yourself!




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