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How you can avoid internet Scams


In this post I will look into ways how you can protect yourself from falling a victim of a scam. 

protect yourself from scams

Learn how to become Scam smart

There is many types of scams, one of the most popular is Ponzi scheme, it’s a fraudulent investment that pays profits to new investors from the capital of old investors.

People are promised high returns so they easily fall a prey. The higher the promised return the more riskier it will turn out.

Once there is no new investors the scheme collapses and most people loses all their money.  


People are falling victims of scam by not staying secure on the internet, by enrolling into get rich schemes and by dealing with unregulated people.


Scam site will work for scammers as they use various tricks that people often fall for.

Lots of people are looking for additional income and working from home opportunities.


Lots of us know that the Internet is full of scams.

Sadly it’s true.


The best way to avoid them is to start using recognized tools and programs and about such I am also telling you on BaMC and BAT blog. 


To make money on the internet the legit way is totally possible and we can avoid to fall for many scams that are everywhere on the internet, scammers are often building their offers on our hope and will to become rich overnight.



Scammers will make everything so we believe that our dreams will soon become true.

They will make us to believe we can become wealthy quick and even without much work or without work at all.

Don’t fall for it!  


Ever increasing forms of online scams are in various forms and methods, most popular scams that are growing every year are:


‘ credit for sex ‘

‘ cheating involving E commerce ‘

‘ internet love ‘



After scammers get your trust they will then ask for money.

Do not transfer money to people you have not met.

Most scam victims in the sex scam are in the age range of 18 – 35 and most of them are man.


Scammers will tell you that they have developed this great method that will help you to create income almost effortlessly and many people have used it already to become rich, often they will tell you the offer is available to limited number of people and within the next 2 days or so only.

They will make the presentation the way so we can feel like making money from home comes with ease.


Another very popular scam type is selling very cheap electronic items. Here victim pays for it  online via an online money transfer. We should always be vary of buying items at very attractive prices.

If it’s to good to be true then most likely it’s a scam.

Often people will be asked to make additional custom charge payment to receive the item but in the end they never receive it.


Next very popular scam type is lottery scams or an overseas inheritance, you will receive an email that will notify you of a big lottery win or money waiting to be collected and that the money will be sent to you, to your bank account, but before they sent the money to you they will ask to pay an admin fee, avoid doing it at all cost and simply ignore any notifications of winnings.

Do not provide your bank details or personal information to anyone that you don’t know.


Another very popular type of scam is a phishing scam where you’ll be sent an email that claims to be from your bank or credit card provider and asking you to confirm your details on their site. Be aware that once you put in your details you will lose all your money.


 With the online scams people are often attracted to buy goods at a very low price.


There is more serious scams on the internet as well, schemes like land banking where you might be asked to transfer large sums of money to purchase land. Some of these schemes might be promising regular payments but be aware that in all cases you will never see all your money back.


Another popular scam is gold investment where people are promised that gold they buy will be bought back from them in the future but in reality they will not be able to sell it back at a higher price. Always compare prices in other places to ensure this really is worth your attention. This scam is called gold bay back scheme.


One of the latest scams on the internet is schemes that offer VC ( virtual currency ).

Once you invest in them your money might be gone as refunds are not provided. Also VC’s value can change very quick and you need to react on time if you want to come out from the scheme without losing out to much money. Always do your own research before parting with your money.


Please watch examples of some scams I’ve mentioned above in these videos:




Scammers will not use their real names when defrauding people.
They will either use names of real people or companies or invent names and addresses.


  I have learned to recognize the elements shown to me on their websites, these elements can be as in scams presented below.


Check out these 5 examples I’ve found for you




This is rather an empty promise, as you can see it promises daily commissions to your PayPal account on autopilot.  

scam 7b0ac6b5fe40aa988a91337ed




Over $150 Per Hour Around The Clock, and in this one there is also this element “register before the timer gets to zero”  


scam af72cf60b865b8fdd450d38





In this one you can make more than $1000 a day working less than 20 minutes a day, another empty promise.  

scam 415d73f87a445900340e3ba0






These special offers are only available for short period and with huge discount so you don’t delay in buying as in the picture below with well known scammer that creates offer after offer so you reach for your card and buy into this scam.


example of a scam





There is often big money claim like $214/day and in this one also never-seen-before-method and without any investment. Scammers need to make you believe that these are true statements.  


scam e22476b2476291401af3




I’ve described for you in more detail one of the scams in this post. 


Read further down to find out more about popular online scams and how to recognize them.  

There are ways to help you to distinct and realize you are looking at a scam site.

First of all you need to perform a simple search in Google by typing in: ‘program name+scam’ or ‘website address+scam’

Always use helpful sites like this one, this will help you to check programs and offers and please do think twice before you click links on any social media platforms.

There is danger sites out there.


Read more about scams by clicking here.   


  In scammers offer you often see phrases like these:


‘This offer is only available until tonight and it wont be here tomorrow ‘

‘Earn $10,000 a week in your spare time’

‘Act now or you’ll miss out!’

‘We are only able to offer it to another 39 people before we close the offer forever’

‘This is your chance to make a true income online’

‘This is still the opportunity of a lifetime!’   

and many other empty promises, but in reality it is always there to scam even more people.



You will often see in these websites pictures of Mansions, Exotic Cars and amazing lifestyles.

Scammers will be convincing you that success is possible without having to do much.

    To find more signs of a scam site you need to check the “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages. Most of the scam sites will not have one at all.

Also scam sites do not have much  content and no physical address or phone number that you can contact them. Also their email address will be from a free service provider.

You also need to check out who the owner is and try to find out how long ago the website has been created.

Most of these scam sites hasn’t got long lives but some of them can already exist for many years.    It is also worth to check the site with Whois Domain to find out when their domain was first registered and for how long more is valid.

Try to find out who is behind the site and if you can’t find them, then there are high chances for it to be a scam.


Watch couple of videos below to become more aware about the most common scams nowadays.



To sum this up I’ll remind you about the important steps you can take to prevent you from  being scammed.

  • Always be Realistic                                                                                                                        If you come across an opportunity that promises high potential returns remember that they will have higher risk. All investments that claim to give you high returns in a short period of time will come with higher risk.
  • Always be cautious, You need to be careful and safeguard your personal information. Remember to check the credibility and track record of the business you want to get involved with. Never rush into any investment opportunity that sounds too good to be true as it probably is. Whenever possible please conduct background checks of the business.
  • Always be Competent. Before you decide to part with you money do your research and assess the level of risk, also understand how the product you are investing in works and how will returns be generated.
  • Always be Calm If you receive an unsolicited call claiming that you have been the lucky winner of a lottery that you didn’t even take part in, stay calm as it’s likely a scam. All legitimate prize winners will receive written confirmation which you can verify with the organization. 




Be cautious and avoid being the next victim!


Please share below with BaMC and BAT blog readers your own ways to recognize scams and also mention the recent ones you came across.  


You can share this page using social media buttons available below. 

Thank you. 



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  1. Axton September 14, 2016 at 4:26 PM - Reply

    Dear Marek,

    Thanks for the great tips on how to spot scams. Yes i have seen quite a few times the tactics mentioned above, now I know they are scams..LOL

    We can definitely make money from affiliate program but we need to signup to only legit ones. Do plenty of research before deciding. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely one of the more popular ones.

    • Marek September 14, 2016 at 10:43 PM - Reply

      We do always need to be extra careful when it comes to investing through the internet. As you say we need to chose legit programs only and there are some legit programs, about my favorite Wealthy Affiliate I write in this review:
      Thank you for stopping by to comment on my post.

  2. Rehmiee April 2, 2017 at 1:35 PM - Reply

    Wow, you have really did your homework well in educating people like us about the scam in the market. I can’t blame even myself for falling into one of the scam trap as the cost of living is escalating nowadays and people are looking for more opportunities to make money. The type of advertisement that they used look so real that it’s hard not to believe that they are true testimonial sometimes.
    Thank you for a great and valuable article.

    • Marek August 6, 2017 at 5:25 PM - Reply

      Glad you liked it, thanks for your comment 🙂
      Stay safe.

  3. NemiraB April 2, 2017 at 1:53 PM - Reply

    Hello here. It is not easy to avoid scams especially if somebody never dealed with so called false gurus.
    When we want something really fast such as cover debts, change jobs or just have more freedom, we do not think properly.
    Scammers know it and they use all tricks to lure naive individuals into traps as in your mentioned situations.
    I had encounter with false guru who promised to teach me secrets of online business.
    Luckily I got my money back but I still feel this shame about being naive and rushing to fast.
    Your article eill help your visitors to learn about the dark side of online business.
    All the best, Nemira.

    • Marek August 6, 2017 at 5:27 PM - Reply

      Thanks for sharing your story Nemira, glad to see you were able to recover your money.

  4. Warren July 12, 2017 at 7:15 PM - Reply

    Hi, Merak. Great article. Your statements ring true and stir a rage in me when I see how people fall for this baloney. I don’t think people even trust the hucksters before they shell out their hard earned money. If everyone made money online doing nothing, our economy would collapse as no one would be doing actual jobs. I had not seen the 5 scams at the bottom of your post and it just reinforces how people prey on others’ desperations. Good info here. Keep it up.

    • Marek August 7, 2017 at 9:20 AM - Reply

      Thanks a lot for your comment Warren 🙂

  5. Craig July 24, 2017 at 10:41 PM - Reply

    Thank you for this article.

    I have stumbled on a few ponzi type scams and wasn’t sure if it was legit or not. I did my research and managed to avoid signing up.

    It can be really tempting though and I can quite easily see why people fall for it.

    I hope this stops other from investing in those scams.

    • Marek August 7, 2017 at 9:21 AM - Reply

      They are very tempting ones indeed, thanks for stopping by Craig.

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