Generate highly targeted leads with Facebook Fan Page

///Generate highly targeted leads with Facebook Fan Page

Generate highly targeted leads with Facebook Fan Page

Use Facebook Fan Page to generate unlimited and highly targeted leads

Facebook is a huge source of traffic.


Facebook is the most amazing tool on the planet and an ideal tool to help you to generate unlimited highly targeted leads. Everybody is on Facebook, Facebook is also better than Google as they are very good for your advertising needs and many people confirms that. You can have targeted ads with Facebook. These ads are also easy to track. It is possible to get lots of clients through Facebook advertising.

The key elements that you need to implement are: it needs to be simple to do, system has to be simple to market and simple to duplicate.

When people look to buy products they are researching about its quality and price first.

People want to invest in home business because they are tired of the life they have at the moment and they want a change.

People that are happy with their lives and careers are not looking for home based businesses and they are not looking to change anything.

When people join Network Marketing they will be looking at you first and this is often a key component of their decisions. These people then will be looking to get recognized by you.

But above all you as a leader need to be happy, energetic and positive all the time as people are watching you what you doing and if you show you are positive people will know what it means to achieve  success in network marketing. They will want to be passionate as you are, they will want to be motivated as you are and through Facebook you can show people haw much you are motivated to achieving success.

With Facebook ads it is important to set up proper marketing funnel.  

Generate leads with Facebook

You should start with generating leads followed by a follow up service which is going to be series of emails. People will have to opt-in into your lead capture page first, they will be curious but skeptical. With Fan Page in place you are able to generate leads for free.

People love to join  Facebook Fan Pages and once they join your Fan Page you can then give them this opt-in form to get them signed up. In this sign up form you can tell people how they can make money on  Facebook.

If you have a group then you should be inviting people into this group first so they can get to know you better before they are being directed to your Fan Page. If your group is very active and big, people are going to be curios about your Fan Page and what is in it for them.  For the purpose of following up with people through an email you would want to have a personal email and no business email. It could be your first name @ yahoo or gmail for example. The reason for that is that people want to work with other people in network marketing and not with companies.  

You are the leader and you need to follow up with these people as this is exactly what they are looking for. Let them know in your follow up email that you are committed to help them to find a better future and you want them to ad you on Facebook as friend giving them the link to your FB profile, you should also give them other alternatives to contact you, like your email or Skype account name.When following up with your leads you need to be consistent, your follow up emails are to be set up in your autoresponder only once and emails should be sent out 3 times a week. Always tell your story in your follow up email campaigns. Your leads will get to know you and trust you. It is your role to provide information to these people how they can have better and less stressful lives.

Have the proper attitude and good energy when sharing this information.

You need to love your audience and also love your Facebook Fan Page.

Why Facebook Fan Pages?

Facebook loves every like on your Fan Page.

Facebook loves the likes

Currently Facebook prefers the boosted posts than organic posts, this is because they need to make money and to boost ( advertise ) your post you have to pay them. They run many thousands of servers and have millions of views multiple times in one hour. You can imagine the cost of running this business.  

Facebook Fan Pages are highly scalable.

You can target the people groups that you want with Facebook paid ads and this would not cost you more than using other more conventional methods of advertising.  In one day you can reach many thousands of highly targeted people. As fan pages can be advertised you are able to reach those targeted people whenever you want to.

At Facebook they are focusing on end user experience and as such they like to measure users activity on your posts, activity being measured is likes, comments and shares. The more of these activities post gets the higher it will get ranked and more viral it will go as well.

This isn’t random people that are going to see this advertisement but specifically targeted people. Fan Pages benefits hugely from possibility of boosting the posts and you will not be able to do it with groups or your own Facebook page. As you get your audience on your Fan Page keep asking them for help by becoming highly engaged with Fan Page content, most of these people are addicted to Facebook already and would not mind to do these activities. These people are really going to work with you by getting into habit of liking, sharing and commenting several times a day. Facebook ads and other social media are definitely the future and places where you can leverage your skills for the best results, places to get your leads and engage with people. If you are able to follow your commitments every day you will start to see your growth.

Think about it this way, to establish a Fan Page on Facebook will not cost you anything or the cost would be very, very small.

Under your very active posts on Fan Page you get information from Facebook telling you about the engagement the post has received and you’ll also get informed about the possibility of boosting your post.

On top of that you can create video posts, as these are being ranked very high by Facebook because they are highly engaging. Everybody like to put things on the Facebook, everybody gives likes on the Facebook and when you get your Fan Page set up you will continue to get many highly targeted leads from this page. Remember that building a relationship comes first in this business and the results will follow. You will see really good growth once you become committed to success.

If you have any questions or you want to share ideas or comments please do it below.

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