FutureAdPro and FutureNet.Club review

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FutureAdPro and FutureNet.Club review

Welcome to my FutureAdPro and FutureNet.Club review

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This is review about Online business opportunity.

I would like to make it clear that the reason for this review is not to make you joining here but to give you information on this opportunity. I’m an independent user of this program.


My Number 1 Recommended Company to Work Online is and going to be Wealthy Affiliate which is creating successful entrepreneurs since 2005.


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Click here to visit FutureAdPro


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Click here to visit FutureNet Club


Are you aware that there are more than one billion websites on the internet?


Did you know that most of these websites are able to constantly generate income from advertisement and they are able to attract new visitors on a daily basis?


The online advertising market is worth more than one $billion per day!

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The revenues in online advertising are in excess of $ 435 billion on an annual basis and are in the constant uptrend.



Once you register in FutureAdPro or FutureNet.Club use the same login details to access both websites.



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An affiliate  in FutureAdPro can purchase Ad Packs which costs $50 each and  earn advertised ROI of $60 when the Ad Pack matures, these investments are determined by how much they pay in affiliate fees and this is broken down as below:


  • no fee = you can purchase a maximum of 50 packs
  • $30 a year = you can purchase a maximum of 100 packs
  • $45 every six months or $80 a year = you can purchase a maximum of 300 packs
  • $70 every 6 months or $130 a year = you can purchase a maximum of 500 packs
  • $95 every 6 months or $180 a year = you can purchase a maximum of 1000 packs


For upgraded affiliates there are higher referral commissions at the rates shown below:

  • no fee = 3% on level 1
  • $30 a year = 4% on level 1 and 1% on level 2
  • $45 every six months or $80 a year = 6% on level 1, 3% on level 2 and 1% on level 3
  • $70 every 6 months or $130 a year = 7% on level 1, 3% on level 2 and 1% on levels 4 and 5
  • $95 every 6 months or $180 a year = 8% on level 1, 4% on level 2 and 1% on levels 4 to 6

There are several videos available for you to watch on their Youtube channel.

They have high number of subscribers:

FutureAdPro ENFuturenet Club




So why I am telling you that?


I am telling you that because this gigantic advertising market on the internet offers you  help to support your own internet business.

fn earn 65df552e03eeAnd now you can start to support your business with FutureAdPro.

They are offering people the chance to make money online and they are accepting members from all countries. This Earning Opportunity has been created in  April 2016. 


They have an office in Poland at ul Ulanska 5 in Wroclaw, 52-213 where you can go and visit them if you want to find out more about them.


map payment proc a222dab83fcf7406da21They are operating in $ and accepting Bitcoin, Neteller, bank transfers, PM and Payeer




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People are already generating income with FutureAdPro, this income can be quite significant.  

There are no requirements to attract new members or to sell any products to anyone.


You can recommend their offer to others to create your own team.



Sign up for free today and check it out.


I will suggest to start as a free member and see at first if it is for you or not, later you can purchase Ad Packs and pay for Membership if you decide to stay, please do not invest more than you can afford to lose as this is new site with revenue sharing model and there is risk involved in these programs.


Many people are  interested in its stability and who are the owners.

You are trying to find out about it right now, so well done to you for doing this research.

I had an interest in doing online marketing for quite a few years now and I know how difficult it is to find true about these opportunities.

This review is here to help you make a better decision.

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FutureNet Inc has been created in Poland in September 2014. This business operates in online advertising and marketing.

FutureAdPro has been founded by Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern.

Roman Ziemian on his FB profile identifies himself as owner and CEO of FutureNet.

Simply register now to learn more about the whole team in the ‘company’ tab on the left side on their web page.  Owners of this venture have been very active in the online arena for the past 10 years. They have been affiliated with several companies like World Ventures or Organo Gold.


Co-owner Stephen said that FutureAdPro big goal is to become the best Money Making Opportunity on the internet. They have great combined experience which they are going to use to expand the horizons in FAP.



FutureAdPro is a typical revenue share program and you should be skeptic about it like about any other opportunity available to you in the online world.


We have already seen many sites in the past which claimed to pay people for sharing and posting on social media.

For purchasing 10 Ad Packs you are going to get $100 voucher which you can use to purchase an advertisement in FAP.


Futurenet.club is another branch of this business and is multimedia network club where you will use the same login details as for the FutureAdPro.


On FutureAdPro website you can see that FutureNet domain is registered in the Marshall Islands.

The Marshall Islands exempts all nonresidents and foreign companies from taxes.

Watch full FutureNet presentation here.



I am sure you want to ask, how does it work ?


This business is a revenue share model.

After purchasing advertising packages (Ad Pack) you need to click minimum 10 ads daily to qualify to earn from the revenue being generated through advertising. Each Ad Pack cost $50 and it pays back $60. After purchasing an Ad Pack you can get to place an advertising for any product or opportunity. You can buy your Ad Packs straight away to start earning profit share immediately and later when you ready place your adverting.

With each Ad Pack investment, you are going to get advertising credits which you can use to display advertising on FutureAdPro site.

A member can hold a maximum of 1000 active advertising packs with $180/year membership, nothing new here, we have seen this model before in many similar rev share opportunities.


You are also going to be able to earn commissions on every sale you that generate for FutureAdPro.

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It might be good decision to share it with friends.

Referral commissions will be paid with 3% on free level and on paid membership, it is going to be  paid for 5 levels deep at  rates of 8%, 4%, 1%, 1%,1%


Those who want to earn from commissions need to buy a minimum 1 Ad Pack to get % from signups.

If you are on paid membership you will have access to ‘landing page system’ with this you will be able to create landing pages which you can use for your own advertising.



This revenue share also contains options such


– Vouchers to attract companies from outside of the system and point system


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– Landing pages creator, cloud storage, blog and video creation


– ID verification to protect from cheaters

– The possibility of entering into Holiday mode for up to 50 days.

– possibility to use it on mobile devices like Android or iOS operating systems


In FutureAdPro they are generating ads sales and delivering high-quality advertising.


The second part of FutureAdPro business is FutureNet, yes they have expanded a little more beyond typical rev share programs and added this Social Network functionality into this game. With FutureNet you can even get free referrals.


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FutureNet looks similar to Facebook and is quite intuitive. Within it, you can share posts, place comments and likes or chat with other people.

For all these activities you will earn money.



To learn the ropes within FutureNet go to the home section on your left-hand side menu and find the download, then click on it, you will be directed to a page where you need to click “Download FutureNet Marketing Plan” and select the language you want.


Same as with FutureAdPro this has been created by the same owners.

In FutureNet you can interact with other people same way as you doing it in Facebook for example but here you can get paid for these activities, for example for logging in and staying active within it. Cool, isn’t it ?

This runs with six tier matrix which has levels of $10, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000 and allows to earn so-called ‘Media Points’ and also allows you to earn bonuses and commissions.


– How the Matrix system works on FutureNet.Club?

I have found this short YT video that explains how this matrix system work


Members can use a credit card to upgrade with the maximum amount per request of $500.


Once you have enough of ‘Media Points’.

These points you can use to buy landing page system or  video production system or cloud storage.

When having more ‘Media Points’ you can be even more active on the social network, you will be allowed to make more posts per hour or send more messages to other people that are not in your circle yet.

With people in your circles, you can keep growing your reach at a faster pace.


They do not have limits of contacts like we have on FB for example where we are limited to 5000 contacts only.


What strategy could be utilized to make money with FutureNet and FutureAdPro is to buy Ad Packs and be active within the Social part of the business.

The more people does signup under you the higher chances for better earnings.

Without many people in your network it is enough to buy basic $10 position but if you have the larger team or want to profit from more levels consider buying higher levels upgrade.

5% of your profits from revenue share is going into the matrix, helping them to fill quicker.

If you are the member of another affiliate system then you can use FutureNet to promote these opportunities.



Final conclusion for FutureAdPro and FutureNet


FAP is growing very fast, members are signing up every day and there is well over 575 thousand page views every day, it is growing steadily and  the whole platform keeps expanding daily.

FutureNet and FutureAdPro is the smart combination that promises good sustainability for the long term but only invest what you are ready to lose.

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Share the love, comment below with your own strategy to play this game.

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Thank you.



Believe in yourself!

























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