Comparing pictures to videos

///Comparing pictures to videos

Comparing pictures to videos




Internet marketers can use various media in posts and pages, lets look at comparing pictures to videos




Picture can be worth a thousand words but a video is able to tell you much more.

Pictures will never be able to replace a movie or sound and the story can be clearer in the video as well.


One simple example is that people will have a much better idea of what their date is going to be about if they saw a video of a person they are going to meet instead of several pictures.



One can use the Instagram video that allows you to take the advantage of all benefits of social video and provide it to the audience in the very digestible format.


It is estimated that the projected video is going to dominate all mobile traffic by as much as 70% by year 2020.


You can start to focus your resources on Instagram videos and pave the way with your creative Instagram video strategies.

This obviously is going to help you a lot but if you would prefer to become a master of pictures then you need to get to know about it a lot more, you can learn about grading, retouching and many other aspects of professional photographers from this advanced course.



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