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Capricoin, Fast, secure and easy

Capricoin is cryptocurrency that is becoming very popular, it also is fast, secure and easy.

Many people ask how to invest in Cryptocurrency.

Read on to find out what is the opinion of ten year expert in this field Gary Conner.

Gary is an expert when it comes to alternative currencies, he is a successful and recognized expert in this industry.

He said that Capricoin will be a major contender for Cryptocurrencies, he also said that Capricoin is among all the Cryptocurrencies available on the exchanges more and more to be the perfect coin.  He has being saying about it for the last year and a half that this is exactly what he wants the world to see and understand, that this is the exact platform that the world needs.

These coins are going to be properly created and distributed and later supported and he would like to be in it.

Gary has been very welcomed on board of Vizionary to help shaping the better future.

Andy Morbitzer, who is the president of Vizionary and one of the Co-owners has interviewed Gary to get his insights.

Andy said to they want to co exist with fiat currencies but they also want to have the ability to have Cryptocurrency that is not regulated by central authority and accumulating to pay all the fees that are then transferred onto customers.



The whole reason to do this business is that they are sure they know where they are and certainly know where they are going.


Gary in this  interview answering why he thinks this is the perfect coin.

Bitcoin is the first Cryptocurrency that came out and it is mined, and this is what creates value, this is something that Bitcoin has right, Bitcoin is pioneering this industry and it has opened the door for this space of Crypto currencies phase and every time has a success it is going to be an opportunity for every other Cryptocurrency that is significant and done right to have success, what he meant by that is that area that it is created applies to multi coin platforms.


It is really quite simply to plug in the API to accept multiple Cryptocurrencies on all of these payment platforms that Bitcoin getting into stores. The world of coin developers and crypto enthusiasts are working very diligently to create things like shape shape which literally is Bitcoin terminal of Wallmart, it is nothing for them to just say which coin do you have and automatically does all the exchanging and that economy is open to the entire crypto world and that is something that Bitcoin is doing forward and it has right and that is also an opportunity for Capricoin.

For Bitcoin it was 3 and a half years before the first shop accepted it and these platforms are launched and now Capricoin and other significant coins are applying for it and now are ready to be used anywhere, they do not have to go down to companies like Microsoft and beat into their doors but these door are already open because of Bitcoin.


The reason Gary said that the Capricoin is the perfect coin is just that I mentioned that Bitcoin is mined and the mining network and people who creates Bitcoin are also the people who confirm transactions, that is double edge sword, it is fantastic today but people don’t realize that Bitcoin is still being dropped on the market and there is x amount being created and the net effect is it costs $25 millions a month to keep their network running.

We are talking about a hundred millions dollars a month to keep their network going.

Another reason Gary said Capricoin is the perfect coin is because we have the mining trigger to create value but the coins people actually receiving is what we call proof of stake and what that means is that every  single wallet participates in the confirmation of transactions, so in the next ten years when Bitcoin costs will be $250 million even with their high fees so even those people that are mining for Bitcoin get paid to keep the miners working Capricoin isn’t going to cost anything because everybody who owns a Capricoin are a local wallet participants and the network confirmations. And that is why it is the perfect coin, it has the structure to crete value and that’s called d mining but the coins that are actually being used have no costs to operate the network unlike Bitcoin another significant Cryptocurrency.

In 15 years the ones like Capricoin are going to be the survive as they do not have a $25 million or a $150 million a month network fee.


That’s what it is, when people are mining for Bitcoin it costs $25 million a month and that is the reason that there is so much volatility in process, because it has to come from somewhere, it either comes from the auction or people selling it  to pay to mine them. This is what is going to be avoided with Capriocoin proof of stake concept.

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This is the coin that is not relying on the mining network, they do not have that overhead and is going to be much more stable platform.

The other thing is the Bitcoin rely on the miners and their response, Capricoin relies on all the wallets and the users, when they have a hundred thousand users they have a hundred thousand people confirming transactions so the speed is going to stay right there where it needs to be.


Capricoin wants to reward people, there is going to be cash rewards and the reward system that they are working on.


By holding coins on the local wallet people will confirm to participate in the confirmation process and for this they are going to be rewarded with 2% of the total supply so it is 4 million coins that is going to be generated by the proof of stake process which means if you leave your computer with coin in it every once in a while it is going to say : ‘thank you for letting use dome of your resources and, once your coins are moved to your local wallet they immediately start to gain on the network and that is the reason for people to start moving their coins to their local wallets so they can start getting old and start paying you those %. In other words the older wallets will benefit more in the future and if the Capricoin is $100 by then you could be making 5 or 6 hundred a day with what you mining today. The number of Capricoin that people are mining for today is going to drastically reduce compared to the people that come in next month or next year.This is really an opportunity for people to create cash register in their homes.


This shifts the whole mining process that Bitcoin is using now and right now the only people who are getting Bitcoin of significance have servers costs that are huge for electricity but in case of a Capricoin you could be having a computer that is working there in the corner of your room and is generating $15 thousand a month and that is awesome.

Vizionary has been working on Capricoin for a very long time and this is stable and is really nice. They have the best intentions at heart, doing things right and they are building this for the long haul.

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They are not in it for the quick cash, they are not in it for hype, they are a long term stable business model. Period. They are going to do things the right way.

In the end of a day Vizionary is simply software company that you can buy from mining service that converts fiat currency into digital currency called Capricoin and they have a distribution arm to do it.

Capricoin is true Cryptocurrency that is fully functional, verifiable blockchain on two external exchanges.


If you wanted to you could move all your Capricoin to an external exchange but you would rather use the advantage of being rewarded for keeping the coins in your local wallet.


To summarize we got a phenomenal coin with innovative strategies and operated by experts and it is getting advises by people like Gary and others that are bringing it all together and bringing it the right way.

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