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How can I start investing

You can start investing in less than 30 days.  It is important that you learn how to start investing. You might need to invest in education. The Very good starting point is to buy books that will educate you. One of the best books to read that will get your mind in the right [...]

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24Option Review

Welcome to my 24Option binary options and Forex broker review Company name: 24option Website address: Email:  Owner and background of 24option: The founder of 24option is Rodeler Ltd. Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Latvian, Japanese, Arabic, Romanian, Korean, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Indonesian, Turkish,  My overall Rank: 91 out of 100 Verdict: LEGIT [...]

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What is the best paid to click website, my honest ClixSense review.

If you wonder what is the the best paid to click website you need to read my honest ClixSense review. there are various ways to earn money with ClixSense   ClixSense belongs to group of programs that is trusted and reliable and always paid profits on time. !!! Please bear in mind [...]

What is post checklist and why you should use one

How to Create the perfect blog post. Checklists are very powerful tool and you should use one to create your next ultimate blog post. Checklist have the power to save you lots of time and confusion by reminding the most important things we need to follow when constructing our next perfect blog post.   What [...]

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Food for thought, helthy eating for many Health Benefits

No way, page about food on BaMC and BAT blog? Yes it is, in the end it's my own blog and I can write here about anything I want and I did mention to you in my 'about Marek' page that I'm food lover, didn't I ? Eating healthy can and will have many [...]

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Get paid to Shrink Your URLs, welcome to my Review     Program name: AdFly  Website address: Price: Free to join Owner and background of The founder of is Ian Donovan. He also is the owner of x19 limited. Adfly forum admin is known as Xellon.   Adfly domain was created on 26 April, 2009. You [...]

How to Eliminate Negative Emotions

  Lets find out today how can we Eliminate Negative Emotions   All of us got enemies and one of the worst enemy of us all is negative emotions. Without negative emotions our relationships, health and lives would be wonderful. Although we are facing negative situations often, we can always turn negative into positive. [...]

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Are you a happy person? Take this happiness quiz to find out and my favorite motivational quotes

It' s been a while since I wrote on BaMC and BAT and I found a good reason to post again and look what I've come up with. I've found this test that you can take to find out more about your Happiness Score     And this test is going to help you [...]

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Opportunity is ahead of us, Vizionary review

With Vizionary the opportunity is ahead of us   welcome to Vizionary Welcome to my Vizionary review. Vizionary Review Name: Vizionary Website: Price:  Various packages are available Owners: The Company was founded by Andy Morbitzer who is CEO, and Ladislav Pasztor, Co-Founder, other members of management are Frode Berg, the Founder [...]

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FutureAdPro and FutureNet.Club review

Welcome to my FutureAdPro and FutureNet.Club review   This is review about Online business opportunity. I would like to make it clear that the reason for this review is not to make you joining here but to give you information on this opportunity. I'm an independent user of this program.   My Number 1 [...]

My opinion on Make Money Robot, binary options software

  Here is my review of Make Money Robot, software for Binary Options       Is it really going to help you with your financial problems or is it rather an outright scam? If you don’t know what the Make Money Robot is all about please continue to read my review.   People [...]

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