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forex expert advisor review from

This is a review / statement for ea expert advisor an expert advisor from that I’ve purchased several years ago and to be axact it has been purchased on

Order date: 2013-06-01 02:23:17,

now we are in the November 2018,

This ea has been paid with my bank card through a payment processor service, cant remember how good or bad this ea was, it was a non recurring product, I can see that on my checkout account. Details of this purchase

Ea purchase date June 1st 21st 2014 validator non-recurring from forex breaker team website

This website doesnt exist anymore

scammers possible website

website that doesnt exist anymore

I’ve found this all out while I was paying for my new VPS for my forex needs

ea for forex

payment proof for ea

, what Iwas actually doing is I was disabling the option for automatic renewal of it as I was keen on finding a cheaper forex VPS option.

super fast forex vps

premium alpha vps NY4

So for this ea my subscription status is active so I have send them an email

my email to antonov

gmail, email to ea creator

to ask if this ea is still working and I did get a reply as you can see in the email above.

I cant really remember what has happened to this EA.

Like many other EA’s purchased it’s been forgotten when it wasnt performing as expected, or maybe it was just me not using it the way I supposed to but as we can see creator of this ea has said himself this is not anymore a working ea, it ended in EA’s graveyard like 99% of them do.

So thanks to my current needs to be able to copy trades from one account to another with the use of VPS server I’ve found about one of these long forgotten projects that Ive paticipated in in the past, and boy! ther’s been many.

I hope to write another interesting article for you very soon, thanks very much for reading.

All the best.

Take care.


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